NYU-Shanghai Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience Summer School now accepting Summer 2016 applications

NYU IISDM is pleased to announce that the Shanghai-based Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience Summer School is now accepting applications for its Summer 2016 program, which will take place July 9-27 on the NYU-Shanghai campus. Applicants with quantitative (including Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science) and/or experimental backgrounds are welcome to apply. The deadline to apply is March 15, 2016.

The summer school is put on by the Institute of Brain and Cognitive Science at NYU-Shanghai, an IISDM partner institution and joint initiative between NYU and East China Normal University. Designed to emphasize higher cognitive functions and their underlying neural circuit mechanisms, the summer school program focuses on training talented and highly motivated students and post-doctoral researchers from Asia and around the world.

The lectures will introduce basic concepts and methods, as well as provide students access to cutting-edge research on higher brain functions such as decision-making, attention, learning, and memory. Modeling will be taught at multiple levels, including single neuron computation, microcircuits and large-scale systems, and normative theoretical approaches. In addition, Python-based programming labs—in coordination with the lectures—will provide practical training in important computational methodologies.

Please visit the Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience Summer School for more information, or you can view the application directly at http://www.csh-asia.org/summerschool_applinstruct.html.