Neuroeconomics at Shanghai


In collaboration with East China Normal University, NYU’s Shanghai Campus is developing a major research center for the study of human and animal decision-making. NYU’s rapidly expanding Shanghai Campus, which will soon boast more than 2000 graduate and undergraduate students, will serve as the hub for what will soon become the preeminent center for the study of Neuroeconomics in Asia.


Right now, NYU-SH’s faculty includes psychologists, economists and neuroscientists with a strong focus in Neuroeconomics. NYU-SH is also now the home to a new graduate program in Neuroscience with a focus in Decision Neuroscience. The monthly Shanghai Colloquium in Neuroeconomics also makes its home at NYU-SH and begins in January of 2015 with speakers from all over the globe. Finally, this coming summer NYU will serve as the home for the new Biennial International Summer School in Neuroeconomics. Working with East China Normal University, Shanghai is set to become a major world hub for the study of the Decision Sciences!

Our Partners in Shanghai:

Shanghai Neuroeconomics Colloquium

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